Cake Smash Photography


Cake Smashes are just the perfect way to celebrate your child's birthday.  They're so much fun! 

My Cake Smash photography is a 3 part photo-shoot:  a few regular studio shots, the cake smash itself, then a bathtub splash session.  For all sessions I supply everything except the cake.  I have a limited supply of outfits so would usually recommend you bring outfits of your own, but you can choose from mine if you wish.    I offer two types of cake smashes; simple smashes, and bespoke themed sessions

Simple Cake Smashes

These sessions are a colour of your choosing and are decorated with matching balloons or honeycomb puffs and banners/bunting.  Props and decorations are kept to a minimum.  Sessions last around an hour, are priced at £115 and include a disc with at least 30 images, including a birthday collage image.

Themed Smashes

These sessions are tailored to a theme of your choosing with a great range of props and accessories, and they are a lovely way of celebrating a birthday with stories or characters that are special to you and your child.    Below are some of the themes you can request but I'm happy to create a new theme or tailor these to your requirements - just let me know your ideas!  I have created autumnal woodland sets, jungle themes, pink & gold, pumpkin-pie,  boho, floral,  themes inspired by a favourite book or TV character, Toys in the Nursery and many more.  All sets are customisable so you can choose colours, flowers, accessories and so on which are special to you.

These sessions are priced at £145 to account for investment in the right props and backgrounds to make your set special.  However if you are requesting a theme I've already done, without any new props or backgrounds, they will be at the regular price of £115.  They include a disc with at least 30 images, including a birthday collage image.

Donut & Fruit Smashes

Why not swap out cake for donuts? Some babies prefer the taste and feel of donuts, and they're often easier to pick up too.  I supply all the props and outfits for donuts smashes and I also supply the donuts too, so these sessions are priced at £125.  If you want to be be super healthy you could go for a fruit smash with strawberries, watermelon or blueberries instead! I'm always happy to try something different so please feel free to ask me about this.

Themed smashes available



Perfect for Rainbow babies or those who like a little splash of colour!



Ultra girly, this boho theme can be done with any colour or type of flowers you like.  Sunflowers, roses, daisies, lavender...



A magical smash for a pink princess

The Jungle Shoot


For your little wild one!



Ideal for Autumn babies or those who like a little bit of nature. Colours can be changed!



With whichever Super your little Hero or Heroine is crazy about! 

Peach & Pearls


Pretty and glamorous, perfect for a little girl

Under the Sea


Under water fun for your little shark! Can be made more girly for a mermaid too!

Donut Grow Up


Most babies LOVE donuts as they are so easy to pick up and eat! You can change the colour of the background for this shoot, to suit your taste

Pink and gold


This popular set is always a winner with little girls.  It can be adapted for a rose gold set up too!

Boys & Their Toys


We all know boys get obsessed with their toys - this is my son with his beloved Pokemon! Has your boy got a character or toy he's obsessed with?



This theme will work with roses, too - it's a beautiful set with a gorgeous red splash of colour.  You could team this with a strawberry smash!