Specialising in Your Baby's First Year
Essex Newborn & Cake Smash Photographer

Essex Newborn & Cake Smash Photographer

Specialising in Your Baby's First Year

Essex Newborn and Cake Smash Photographer

  Because they’re not little for long

Nothing is as extraordinary – and nothing goes so fast – as your baby’s first year.

From the first few weeks of life to first smiles.  Lifting their head, and sitting up.  Baby’s first birthday and their first Christmas.  There are so many milestones that you want to experience with them and capture before they are gone!

You can capture the every day with your phone, but for the special memories you want the best! This is where I come in.

Great Experiences Mean Great Photographs

My sessions are an experience first, and a photo shoot second – because if the experience is fun, and relaxing, and natural, then amazing photographs come easily!

You and your baby are at the heart of everything I do, and you’re why I do it.

 I’ve been photographing newborns, babies and families for almost 10 years and I put my clients (big and little) first and foremost in every shoot.

Newborn Photo Shoots

I believe in natural newborn photography without the need for elaborate poses.   I keep it simple, comfortable and beautiful.  We’ll ensure that your first family experience is one to remember!

We’ll choose colours, fabrics and props that will look great on your walls for years to come.  And natural, relaxed family photographs (siblings are welcome) are part of every session.

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Cake smash photography

Your baby’s first birthday is the biggest milestone of their first year and deserves to be celebrated with something extraordinary – no boring balloons and banners here!

These sessions are all about two things: capturing the personality of your one year old, and FUN! They are my favourite session, and this is my favouite age to photograph.

 I offer some of the most creative and unusual cake smashes in Essex.  From twinkling with the stars to swimming under the sea, your baby can celebrate their first birthday in style in a set that means something special to you.

Princesses, boho flowers and mermaids; race car enthusiasts, space explorers and hot air balloon navigators. The only limit is your imagination. Pick from one of my existing sets or set me a challenge with a new theme.

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Am I the right newborn & cake smash photographer for you?

Okay so here’s where we get real.  It’s important you choose a photographer who suits not just your budget, but also your attitude.

If you want a photographer who will pose your baby in all sorts of elaborate fancy positions… I’m not right for you.  I pose babies, but in a way that makes them look natural and un-posed.

If you want someone who will airbrush the life out of you, and make you look like a magazine model… I’m not right for you.

If you want someone who will book several shoots per day, rush though and take ” a few quick photos”… I’m not right for you.

If you want someone who is in this for the money, and will pressure you into spending way more than you intended… well who wants that? Not me!

I’m right for you if:

  • you want someone who will take time to chat, relax you, and get to know you as a family
  • you want someone who treats the whole shoot as a special experience, not just a quick exercise in snapping pictures
  • you want someone who believes comfortable, happy babies are more important than squished up posed babies
  • you want someone who believes in photographing you looking like YOU (just the best version of you!)
  • you want someone who cares more about you getting what you want (and can afford) than about squeezing you for every last penny

If that sounds like you… get booking!

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