Newborn Photography: Why?

Nothing beats the feeling of meeting your new baby.  It’s a time of crazy emotions, days and nights turned on their heads, a blur of happiness and exhaustion and amazement, with quite a bit of just staring at your baby!  There is literally nothing else in the world like it.

But it’s gone in the blink of an eye and helping you to capture these first moments is vitally important, because you won’t be in a place to do it yourself.  You’ll be too busy establishing a routine and getting to grips with feeding and nappies and what each of those different cries means!

I have nearly 10 years experience and training in baby photography and newborn posing, so you can relax knowing your baby is in safe hands. I have had 1-1 training with a leading UK Newborn Photographer & Trainer, as well as online safety training in posing & handling newborns. I’m also fully insured and CRB checked.

Newborn Photography: When?

When to book: As soon as you’ve decided you definitely want a shoot! I do get booked up quickly, and a £50 deposit secures your date.

When to have the session: It’s best to have your newborn photo shoot within their first two weeks.  At this time they’re still curled up and sleep deeply enough for us to pose them.  I usually schedule mums in for around 10 days after their due date.

Then I get in touch nearer the time, in case we need to reschedule for early or late arrivals.  (There’s no charge for this, and I always keep a few days clear each week to allow for this).

What if my baby is already here?

If your baby is already here, get in touch as soon as possible so that we can still get inside the magic 2 week window. 

If baby is older than 2 weeks, don’t worry!
We may still be able to do a newborn photo shoot or we might choose one of my Older Baby sessions.

Newborn Photography: What?

What should I expect from my session?

Once you’re booked in, you’ll receive a Parent Prep Guide which will give you lots of information about what to expect from the session.  Things like where I am, what my studio is like, what to wear, what to bring and so on.

I send all parents a short Newborn Photo Shoot Questionnaire too.  This helps me to plan the session based around your tastes. I can then use colours and set-ups which you’ll love, and will work in your home.

The session lasts around 3 hours depending on how quickly your baby settles off to sleep.

 I pose babies in natural positions where they are comfortable, safe and settled.  All my sessions are entirely led by your baby, and what he or she is happy with.  You’ll be very close by at all times! I’ll explain to you what I’m doing, while I’m doing it, and you are always welcome to ask questions – it’s really important to me that you are comfortable and relaxed while I’m handling your baby.

Babies are pure and beautiful, and my editing style reflects this.  I remove blemishes and highlight their natural beauty while keeping them looking absolutely like themselves.  They don’t need to look like porcelain dolls!

 I ensure that every shoot has a mixture of simple, neutral colours along with beautiful rich colours and textures to add depth and variety to your final gallery.  I’ll use a variety of props and fabrics to pose your baby naturally and comfortably.

I aim for a finished gallery of around 30-35 images for you to choose from. If you’ve chosen not to have family photographs, this will be around 25-30.

Real Photography for Real Families

Most of us are a bit uncomfortable having a camera pointed at us and being told to smile.  And if you’re anything like me, you usually hate yourself in photographs at the best of times – let alone when you haven’t slept for days and you can’t remember if you’ve brushed your hair!

But my aim is to help you enjoy the experience, to be confident that you will look amazing and to pose you in a way that feels natural and real to you.  I want to capture your family as relaxed and comfortable as you would be in your own home.

Am I the right newborn photographer for you?

Okay so here’s where we get real.  It’s important you choose a photographer who suits not just your budget, but also your attitude.

If you want a photographer who will pose your baby in all sorts of elaborate fancy positions… I’m not right for you.  I pose babies, but in a way that makes them look natural and un-posed.

If you want someone who will airbrush the life out of you, and make you look like a magazine model… I’m not right for you.

If you want someone who will book several shoots per day, rush though and take ” a few quick photos”… I’m not right for you.

If you want someone who is in this for the money, and will pressure you into spending way more than you intended… well who wants that? Not me!

I’m right for you if:

  • you want someone who will take time to chat, relax you, and get to know you as a family
  • you want someone who treats the whole shoot as a special experience, not just a quick exercise in snapping pictures
  • you want someone who believes comfortable, happy babies are more important than squished up posed babies
  • you want someone who believes in photographing you looking like YOU (just the best version of you!)
  • you want someone who cares more about you getting what you want (and can afford) than about squeezing you for every last penny

If that sounds like you… get booking!

Can older siblings join in too?

Absolutely! Make sure you tell me their ages and how many other children you’d like included.  Once you’re booked in I’ll give you plenty of information on how to prepare older siblings, what they should wear and how we’ll manage the session safely.

Newborn Photography: Pricing & Packages

I don't charge a session fee. There is a £50 retainer to book your time in the studio and this is taken off the cost of your final package (or refunded entirely if you don't love your images).
I believe in making newborn photography affordable (babies are expensive enough as it is!) so my prices start from just £299 for 10 images. You can also choose from one of my all-inclusive packages starting at £449. These great value packages include ALL your images plus either prints or wall-art, so there's something for every style and budget.

Visit my Pricing page via the button below for more details.